2016 Season

The 2016 Season begins September 26, 2015 and runs through September 18, 2016.

IN THE 2016 SEASON: All players must submit a completed Season Waiver and once-per-season initiation fee to begin competing.

Players can begin playing the tournaments at any point in the season prior to the Masters.

SA Junior Tennis organizes the following tournaments:

INTRO/EXP: Short-format, pro set tournaments for new and experienced players. The INTRO division is suggested for newer players with 10 tournaments played or less and players who are not yet winning consistently in Gran Prix divisions. The EXP division is open to all players, regardless of level, providing everyone with an opportunity for short format, tournament-setting match play between Gran Prixs. Shorter and less demanding, the format is a single pro set versus 2 out of 3 sets. (Standings points are not offered for INTRO or EXP divisions. To earn standings points, players must play regular Gran Prix divisions.)

Gran Prix: Tournaments that provide SA Junior Tennis standings points. Based on points earned throughout the season, select players are invited to compete in the Masters Invitational at the end of the Season, determining final Season winners. Eligibility: Three division types are normally offered. INTRO divisions (no standings points) are available for new or less experienced non-qualified players. Gran Prix divisions ages 10-16 are open to all players not qualified for the Championship/Super Championship divisions in Texas (same as ZAT level). And Super Open divisions 12/14 and 16/18 are open to all players, including Championship and Super Championship players. Players earn 4 points per main draw match won and 2 points per consolation match won.

Gran Prix Doubles: Doubles format with the same eligibility requirements as Gran Prix singles tournaments. Mixed doubles divisions are also offered. Doubles wins earn 3 points per main draw match won and 1 point per consolation match won.

Gran Prix+: A weighted, double-points tournament for Gran Prix players which also allows qualified Champs players to compete in all divisions. 8 points per main draw match won and 4 points per consolation match won.

Pass the Racquet: Relay doubles in which two players on a team must alternate who hits each shot by sharing one racquet and handing it off between shots. Creates an added element of action to doubles tennis.

AGE DIVISIONS: Age divisions for all SA Junior Tennis tournaments this season are based on the age a player will be on the future date of September 1, 2016.