The 2018 Season begins September 2, 2017 and runs through August 30, 2018.

NOTE: All players must submit a completed Circuit Waiver and Season initiation fee to begin competing.

Players can begin playing in the circuit at any point in the season prior to the Masters.


Levels: Tournaments in which all singles divisions are based on UTR levels. Genders and ages may be intermixed. Format: ad-scoring pro-set. (Tournament results will go toward UTR ratings, however they will not affect Gran Prix standings.)

Gran Prix: Tournaments based on a season ending playoff tournament. Players earn standings points with wins, and select players are invited to compete in the Masters Invitational at the end of the Season to determine Season winners. Eligibility: For INTRO divisions, players must be non-qualified and have a UTR level of 2 or less. Gran Prix divisions ages 10-16 are open to all players not qualified for the Championship/Super Championship divisions in Texas (same as Challenger level). Super Open divisions 12/14 and 16/18 are open to all players, including Championship and Super Championship players. Players earn 4 points per main draw match won and 2 points per consolation match won.

Gran Prix Doubles: Doubles tournament with the same eligibility requirements as regular Gran Prix tournaments. Mixed doubles divisions available. Doubles wins earn 3 points per main draw match won and 1 point per consolation match won.

Gran Prix+: A double-points Gran Prix tournament; 8 points per main draw match won and 4 points per consolation match won. Champs players are allowed to compete in all divisions except INTRO.

Pass the Racquet: Doubles in which players on a team share one racquet and alternate who hits each shot via a racquet handoff between shots. Adds extra action and movement to doubles tennis.

AGE DIVISIONS: Age divisions 10-16 for all SA Junior Tennis tournaments this season are based on the age a player will be on September 1, 2018.