About SA Junior Tennis

The SA Junior Tennis Store is the order processing portion of www.sajuniortennis.com.

Contact information

By standard mail:
SA Junior Tennis
P.O. Box 681681
San Antonio, TX, 78268

By phone:
210 978-2004

By email:


Shipping & Processing Information:

For tournament registrations with no t-shirt purchases, please select "No Shipping Necessary" as the delivery option. If a membership is being purchased, please select "Download" as the delivery option. A standard handling/processing fee of $3.25 is already built-in to every registration price. The shipping rate for physical merchandise shipped to a location within Texas is as follows:

Order Value Ground Shipping
Up to $14.99: $ 5.00
$15.00 - $29.99: $ 8.95
$29.99 - $74.95: $10.99
Over $74.95:   $14.99

The Ground Shipping method will typically be USPS. Delivery time within Texas once shipped will normally be between 2-3 days.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Please note that refunds for tournament entries are not available after the entry deadline or for any weather-related cancellations. To receive a refund for a tournament entry prior to the entry deadline, please submit a request to the email address listed above.

Prior to the first usage of a membership to receive a discounted tournament rate, refunds on membership purchases may be obtained by submitting a request to the email address listed above. After usage, refunds are no longer possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I receive my membership discount? Upon completion of purchase, you will be directed to a download location to receive a code, which you are now permitted to use for the member's personal registrations. During the purchase of a tournament entry, you must enter this code in the coupon field during checkout to receive the discounted rate.