Senior Tennis

Doubles tournaments for Senior tennis players in San Antonio.

★ Open to players ages 58 and over.
★ Men's, Women's, and Mixed divisions.
★ Non-USTA and so run independently of the USTA's numbers rating system. Player ratings will not be affected by these events.
★ Simplifies divisions to two levels of play, "Regular" and "Advanced". (Draws may be combined in the event that an insufficient number of teams sign up for either of the divisions.)
★ Consolation offered in all non-round robin draws.
★ Format: 2 out of 3 sets.

SA Senior Tennis Doubles offers two level divisions:

A player may elect to compete in either the "Regular" or the "Advanced" draw for their division.

Advanced: If you would like the challenge of facing the best players in the tournament, choose this level.

Regular: If a lower level of competition is preferred, sign up for "Regular".