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Circuit Info

A description of the types of tournaments offered by SA Junior Tennis.

SA Junior Tennis Circuit Info

Season Length

2020 Season - The 2020 Season runs from September 28, 2019 - September 13, 2020. Players may begin playing at any point in the season prior to the Masters Invitational Playoffs in August 2020.

How the circuit works

Players earn Gran Prix standings points for each of their wins in any of this season’s Gran Prix tournaments prior to the Masters (with the exception of the INTRO division, which is for experience only). Standings can be checked online via the Season’s Gran Prix Schedule Page and also via the link at the top of this page.

In addition to a points system, the Circuit also includes a series of All-Levels tournaments, which instead of offering Gran Prix points, provides a means of level progression at the local level.

Masters Invitational Playoffs - Ultimately, the season builds up to the Masters Invitational Playoffs Tournament. This event determines the season winners for each age division. Winners of the Masters in age divisions 10-16 go on to represent San Antonio in the team State Championship at John Newcombe's Tennis Ranch in September.

Eligibility - Players are invited to participate in the Masters based on their performance during the season.  The 10 eligible players that have earned the most points in each age division throughout the season will be offered the first option to compete. 


The All-Levels Tournaments in the circuit allow players to progress to higher levels of competition at the local level. Players compete with other players of a similar level, regardless of age or gender, offering more potential levels and a system of play more finely tuned than that of three-tier systems. Players advance to higher levels of play based on their performance over time in tournament match play.

All-Levels Tournaments

All-Levels Tournaments use players’ relative skill levels to separate players into divisions based on playing level rather than age or gender. The tournaments are great for any level of player, beginner through advanced. Higher level players are placed in separate draws from lower level players, and the degree of separation is based on the mix of levels that register. (Beginning players without prior tournament experience will typically be placed at Level 1.)

Since divisions are based on level, genders and ages may be combined in the same draw. The format for these tournaments is an ad-scoring pro set.

Results do not affect Gran Prix point standings.

Gran Prix Tournaments

Gran Prix - Age and gender separated singles tournaments with three levels of play.  

  • Regular Gran Prix: Open to all players not qualified for Champ or Super Champ divisions; the equivalent of Challenger level. (Note: The 16 divisions is at times combined with 16/18 Super Open.) Format is 2 out of 3 sets. 1(Points: players are awarded 4 Gran Prix Standings points per main draw match won and 2 points per consolation round.)

  • Super Open: Open to all levels, including Champs or Supers. (4 Gran Prix Standings points per main draw match won, 2 points for consolation)

  • INTRO: Level-based division limited for Level 1 & 2 players with combined ages and genders. Format is an ad-scoring pro set. (Does not affect Gran Prix Standings.)

Age divisions 10-16 are based on the ages players will be on September 1, 2020

Gran Prix+ - Bonus point Gran Prix tournament that counts for double Gran Prix standings points.  Champs players may compete in any of the non-INTRO divisions.

Gran Prix Doubles - Doubles with similar age and level divisions to the Gran Prix singles tournaments.  Players are often able to register for up to two divisions, one mixed and one regular doubles.  (Main draw wins earn 3 points per match, consolation wins, 1 point.)

Pass the Racquet Doubles

Fun doubles event in which players on a team share one racquet and alternate who hits each shot during a point by handing off the racquet between shots.  Singles sidelines apply.